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Cavalluna Legend of the desert

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Europe’s most popular family entertainment show with horses is returning, and will now be performing for the second time under its new brand name of “CAVALLUNA” in Antwerp – and, naturally, at Sportpaleis. From 29 February to 1 March 2020, the arena will be transformed into a place that invites audiences to dream and marvel.

From the creators of “Companions of Light” and “World of Fantasy”

Behind the CAVALLUNA name is everything that has been touching and captivating 7.5 million spectators all over Europe since 2003, as well as all of those horses who have been known and loved for many years, and the proven mix of unique equestrianism, magnificent stage scenery and emotional music.

With his previous productions “Companions of Light” and “CAVALLUNA – World of Fantasy” creative director and producer Klaus Hillebrecht already thrilled audiences with wonderful visual images, fabulous staging and a highly distinctive soundtrack. The shows were described several times as the best in years, and performed to packed stadiums in various European metropolises.

With the new show “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert” the Emmy-nominated composer is aiming to follow on from his previous successes and create a dazzling spectacular of completely new dimensions, featuring Europe’s most beautiful horse breeds. The magical scenes are accompanied by breathtaking performances in which human and animal work together in perfect harmony, bringing the wonderful story to life

Get ready for the Legend of the Desert

The new show “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert” will take you on a breathtaking journey. The show’s mystical story revolves around a princess from a desert tribe who is entrusted with an incredible task: she must reveal the secret around the legendary Amazons of the elements, in order to save her people and the entire world from a great danger. Will she manage to fulfil this centuries-old mission in time and save everything that is dear to her?

“CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert” will be enchanting the whole of Europe with a fantastic symbiosis of equestrian skills, acrobatics, dance and music. Be part of this spectacular show!

Tickets: 36, 42, 53, 64, 75 and 86 euros.

Children up to and including 10 years of age enjoy a considerable discount:

Dream seat: 86 euros -> 47 euros
Premium seat: 75 euros -> 41 euros
CAT I: 64 euros -> 35 euros
CAT II: 53 euros -> 29 euros
CAT III: 42 euros -> 23 euros
CAT IV: 36 euros -> 18 euros

Caution! For tickets purchased at the box office an extra service charge of 2 euros per ticket will be charged.

Group bookings via +32 3 400 40 47 or


Sat 29.02.2020

Doors - 13:30
Start - 15:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

Sat 29.02.2020

Doors - 18:30
Start - 20:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

Sun 01.03.2020

Doors - 13:30
Start - 15:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

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"Cavalluna - Legend of the desert" is organised by PSE-Belgium