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Cavalluna Secret of Eternity

This event event has ended

The story of success continues: The new show CAVALLUNA – “Secret of Eternity” promises again the highest art of riding, overwhelming scenes and emotional music – all embedded in a fantastic story.

Mamey, the beautiful daughter of a mysterious tribe, makes the long journey throughCentral America to bring the Stone of Eternity back to its real owners, her people.
On her trip, she meets the farm boy Joaquim, who has the same mission as her – and so they both embark on an exciting adventure. Will they be able to solve the “Secret of Eternity”?

Tickets :
- Dreamseats: 89 euro (seat next to the piste)

  • Premium seats: 79 euro (tribune)
    - CAT I: 65 euro (tribune)
    - CAT II: 54 euro (tribune)
    - CAT III: 43 euro (tribune)

  • Early bird discount until 30 April 2020:*
    5 euro/ discount per ticket (excl. dreamseats)

0-2 years: lap place can be ordered via 070 345 345 (max. 0,30€/min.)
2-10 years: 15 euro discount/ticket (excl. dreamseats)

This show is with a Dutch narrative voice. Discounts are not cumulative.

There is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.


Sat 20.03.2021

Doors - to be announced
Start - 14:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

Sun 21.03.2021

Doors - to be announced
Start - 11:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

Sun 21.03.2021

Doors - to be announced
Start - 16:00

Antwerps Sportpaleis

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"Cavalluna - Secret of Eternity" is organised by PSE Belgium